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Contest Belle Arte Lamia 2016 for Performers


Lamia Belle Arte, the Oeta Festival and the Experimental Stage of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Roumeli co-organize:


Lamia Belle Arte Contest 2016 for Performers-Performances under the theme of the sexless being, called human!

Belle Arte Lamia “rocks the boat” one more time in Lamia and after Belle Arte for Kids it invites couples or performing groups to take part in our Annabel!

Annabel – BelleArteLamia is a Performance under the supervision of the Art Director George Papastamoulos with the participation of 25 performers for only 30 participants. Annabel is a “lonely path” made out of three favourite artworks, Goethe’s FAUST, Goldfrap’s Annabel and the Picasso’s painting Woman in the Armchair.

For 3 hours 30 participants will “follow” the directions of 25 performers. The entire performance will be filmed by 6 cameras and the footage will turn into a video art which will travel to international Festivals.

The Performers who are interested in the Project can take part in the following Contest:

Belle Arte Lamia Contest for Performances

Humanthe sexless being

Human is black, yellow, man, woman, socialist, democrat, Jew, Christian, tall, short, skinny, fat, clever, dump, healthy, sick.

The artists must create a 5-15-minute performance inspired by theatre, dance, music, visual art and video with the participation of at least two performers. The 3 finalists will present their performance at the end of the ANNABELbelArteLamia 2016 and the audience will vote the best.

The contestants must follow these steps:

  1. All the participants must declare interest via mail at until 30/05/16 by completing the form they will find on this link at
  2. The top 3 performances will be presented at the ANNABEL/leArteLamia 2016 in Xwra Artland. A three-party committee consisted of George Papastamoulos, art director of the Belle Arte Lamia, Gogia Evie, member of the DIPETHE administrative council and Serafim Georgiou, director of the Oeta Festival, will be make the final choice.

Νικητές και βραβεία:

Winners and awards.

  • The committee award which entails the presentation of the performance during the ANNABELleArteLamia 2016 in front of an audience of 30 people. The members of the committee will be announced a few days before the contest.
  • The audience award, which is a cash prize of 300 euros.

Moreover, the winners will have the chance to make themselves known through media exposure not only in Greece.

All participants who will submit the participation form must declare consent to the filming of their performance. The footage will be included in the videoart created by the Art Director. They must also give permission to screen the videoart wherever it is considered necessary by the organizing committee. The producers are obliged to include the names of the people involved in the making of the VIDEOART at the end of the video.


For more information please contact the secretariat of the Oeta Festival of visit our website

Xwra Artland

Leleika Ipati

Tel. Number 2231051075


49 Makropoulou Str.

Lamia, 35100

Tel. Num: 2231043333

Photo: Vasilis Karkatselis – HOMMAGE A MO

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